What is the #1 Valued Trait?

Recently there was an interesting article in TIME referencing characteristics of value in other people. The results were fascinating, and perhaps hold the key to our future – as individual leaders and in our places of works.

In a recent survey, 94% stated that CREATIVITY was the single most important and valuable trait found in other individuals. This trait out ranked intelligence, compassion, humor, ambition, and beauty. Not only was it a highly important trait in our personal and professional lives; the results also stated that is was central to the competitiveness in America’s role in the global economy. They also found that when folks think creatively, it comes in the form of pictures versus just words. This seems fairly obvious and the trends support it. The growth of video content on the web, the forms of TED talks using primarily images, and the explosive growth of Pinterest in sharing ideas and concepts all support the preferred way of taking in content…in the form of pictures.

So, how are you harnessing creativity at work? We know that creativity can be an evergreen resource, which shows up not only in music, art, and innovative technologies. It also can help solve our ongoing problems in education, healthcare, and government – not to mention in our own organizations.

What are you doing to encourage out-of-box thinking and approaches? Are you allowing possible mistakes in the workplace for the sake of exploring new creative solutions? Are you making your organizational environment a safe one for taking risks? Are you rewarding coloring outside the lines for the sake of that match strike of creativity? If not, what is holding you back and how can you remedy those barricades?

7 responses to “What is the #1 Valued Trait?

  1. I’m in agreement that creativity is very important but I have a difficult time placing it ahead of honesty and integrity. If they don’t have that, they will be very creative in lying, stealing and/or cheating and getting away with it. Just my thoughts.

  2. Greg – I totally agree with you. This survey was fascinating to me……creativity is important AND the others are as well!

  3. …singing my song! Creativity and innovation are the sparks of business and personal success. Now you have pushed me just a little closer to Pinterest; need to check it out. P2

  4. I echo my long lost friend, Pat Porter. Think about how creativity impacts every aspect of our lives…automobile design, apparel design, decor of our homes and gardens, and, yes, even how we run successful businesses…not to mention how two and three dimensional art, dance, literature, music, theatre and architecture bring us succor and pleasure. For those of us who are advocates for the arts, that article helped sooth a few wounds. What a drab world we would live in without creativity. All motivation would probably be non-existent.

  5. Years ago, when I used to place a lot of ads in The Wall St. Journal, I received their many research studies. At the time, the most highly rated trait sought in a new hire was the ability to clearly communicate. Verbally and in writing. I have always found this to be true for my business. A poorly worded email or conversation can set off unnecessary misunderstandings among employees and clients alike.

  6. Rather than single out any one trait, I believe traits complement one another and should be viewed in that context. As stated above, possessing integrity, honesty, the ability to communicate and, perhaps most importantly, an environment where one is able and encouraged to develop their talents will translate into fulfilling experiences, whether it be professionally or personally.

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