The Power of Intention

One year ago last week on 11/1/11, my first book, “Is This Seat Taken?”, was published and released. This past year has been full of  tremendous learning experiences. Take it from any author – writing, publishing, and then marketing their work is not for the faint of heart. It is amazing how everyone immediately becomes a critic on virtually every aspect of the process. That was my greatest surprise and in some cases, my greatest disappointment. Yet, it has been equally amazing how supporters, encouraging colleagues, and random fans came – and continue to come – from the most unexpected places. It is an experience which cannot be fully appreciated until experienced by oneself.

So, what are a few of the most important lessons I have learned? The operative word is few – as I truly could (and maybe will) write a book on how to write a book…and what to avoid at all costs.

Lesson 1: Never underestimate the power of intention. My intention and the desire I had even as a little girl to write a book, ultimately became a reality. ALL intentions – when pure to the core – will manifest. Period.

Lesson 2: Passion trumps fear every time. We choose either fear or love – all actions stem from one of these basic emotions. I believe my fears of failure, rejection, financial exposure, etc. were trumped by my desire to contribute, share perspectives and beliefs regardless of the consequences. The love I have for my work, my values, and what I wanted to share with the world won out over all the other ‘icky bits’ in the process.

Lesson 3: Hold onto your aspirational goals. They are the juice which fuels our lives. Don’t sell out – despite the naysayers and the critics. The key question: “How badly do you want it?” The answer to that question is the answer.

Lesson 4: Gratitude is a velvet blanket. I have nearly sold out of the first edition of this book; which I am told is tremendous. Frankly, I had visions of sugar plums when I first embarked on this journey. So, when I am told that I am among the top 5% of authors in the world to sell as many of my 1st book as I have – I still had hoped to sell a million copies, be on Oprah, and top the best seller list in the first 6 weeks!! That did not happen…yet. However, I am so very grateful and indebted to the many friends, colleagues and strangers who bought the book, related to it, and have shared with so many others. The many book signings were my book incarnate; as there were countless random encounters which changed my life. For this experience, I will always be grateful. This experience has encouraged me to continue writing. My next book will come out in 2013, and my third the following year. Your energy, feedback and response is not taken for granted. I choose to wrap myself in this velvet blanket.

These lessons do not need much explanation; however, if you choose – let’s start a dialogue. I would love to hear your perspective.

Oh…and I have books which I would love to personally inscribe and ship/deliver to you…perfect holiday gifts, stocking stuffers, year-end ‘B12’ shots for your employees, your board, your volunteer teams, your children’s teachers, etc. etc. Would love for you and yours to have a signed first edition. Just reach out to me – we will make it happen!!


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  1. I am so “very” happy to know you’ve nearly sold out. Your passion and fearlessness inspires me. I know that your next book will be equally successful because you have the vision and the passion to see it through.

  2. Very inspiring Kristin! It sounds like the journey has been as enjoyable as the destination. Thank you for this story of encouragement!

  3. First of all, Kristin, congratulations on your tremendous success as a newly accomplished author! I was not aware of what you’d achieved, only my perceived impression of how hard you’ve worked at this endeavor–which I know to be considerable. But this simple message resonates as a daily check list not just for adults as parents, professionals, mentors but for our kids as well. This message should resonate for all. Thank you.

  4. Many thanks for these supportive “B12” shots! Relative to Nancy’s question: “Can intention be fueled by determination and the will to succeed?” The answer is a resounding – “OF COURSE”!

    There was a point mid-way through the process of writing the book, and frankly throughout the entire ‘marketing’ aspect of the book – where it was indeed stubborn determination ‘not to give up’ that kept me going. There were delays, unexpected costs, misset expectations and mis-represented promises, a BROKEN publishing system, and set-backs around ‘what I didn’t know’ until it happened. YET – the question remained; ‘how badly did I want it?’. That was the fuel.

  5. I enjoyed your book very much Kristen. At first I thought it was similar to the Celestine Prophecy in it’s subject matter, but soon realized it was much more relative to the real world with your personal stories.

    Your book and blog insights are always on target and thought provoking.

    Great job, keep up the good work!

  6. Kristen,

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey. And congratulations on your success. It gives me hope! I am in the process of writing my first book as well. I’ve attended courses on the mechanics of getting it done: copyrighting, publishing, marketing, etc. but no one has talked about what it takes to persevere. It was not my plan to write a book…it has just happened but I know that I must get it done! Thanks again for the inspiration.

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