The era of ‘mooching’ and ‘connecting’….what gives?

4 responses to “The era of ‘mooching’ and ‘connecting’….what gives?

  1. Love the new podcast format!! Great message about the difference between mooching and connecting – subtle but so important! I’m forwarding this on to lots of folks.

  2. Great podcast. One point resonated strongly with me….that of requesting an introduction to someone. Almost inevitably that equates to you recommending and vouching for that individual to someone with whom you have a relationship. Tricky and not a position I like.

  3. I am so pleased you like the ‘new format’. I will alternate the written word and the podcast format – as everyone has a different preference. Thank you for your comments and for weighing in…..this particular topic was the fodder of much ‘off line’ discussion these past few weeks. It ‘hit a nerve’ with many…..!

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