Is this it?! A Multi-Faceted Perspective to Build an Aligned Life

I meet clients every day who are not where they wish to be – in life, in business or both. They may be unfulfilled in their lives and are not making the amount of income they desire. They may love what they do, yet they are not building the retirement nest egg they need. They … Continue Reading

Three Realities to Consider

Recently I was visiting with a group of smart, thoughtful, and ‘well plugged in’ women. Our conversation was both compelling and humbling. The stats of this group: with only one exception, we all work full time. Some are under the age of 40, some are over the age of 50, and one is hovering at … Continue Reading

The “YOU” Economy – What and How to Join? 3 Provocative Thoughts

There have been many articles written about the ‘new world order’ and the new ‘you’ economy. We can muse about how this has come to be, and why it is now becoming the pervasive business model. Jobs being moved overseas, companies looking for a ‘better way’ to take their products to market, an aging workforce, and … Continue Reading

5 Thoughts About Entrepreneurship!

So here is the gig: now more than ever, baby boomers are losing their jobs to those individuals who are younger, less expensive, and in some cases more relevant than they are. They are smart, experienced, and talented individuals who are finding themselves adrift after giving years of their professional life to a company or … Continue Reading

The First Step

Several years ago, during the heart of the economic downturn, many professionals embraced portfolio careers out of necessity. Yet, even as the job market has improved, this approach has become even more common. The traditional, single-track career pattern of the last century is less prevalent. Folks realize that the ‘Corporate ladder’ path is not the … Continue Reading

Is It Too Late?!!

As we all know, life is a series of ups and downs. Many of my clients and associates have lamented to me that they think it is ‘too late’ to create the life they always wanted. They believe they are ‘late’ to get married or ‘late’ to an opportunity or ‘late’ to accumulate the wealth...

5 Suggestions for Your Next Act

Lately, many of my colleagues and clients have shared their desire to reconsider what they really want to do in this next chapter of their lives. These musings are not necessarily due to unhappiness in their current state (though some are, to be honest); yet, many simply have a desire to expand, stretch, and augment their lives, their revenue streams, and the way in which they contribute.