Kristin Kaufman as your Master of Ceremonies or Panel Moderator

Kristin_242Many details factor into a successful event. Whether this is a fund raiser, a global sales event, or a partner/channels forum; a lot has to ‘go right’ to make it a success!! A lot of time, money, and energy goes into making an event as powerful and memorable as it can be. Well, Kristin Kaufman is the person to have your back to help navigate these details.

As your master of ceremonies or panel moderator, Kristin will seamlessly weave your event together so that the cadence is smooth and the flow streamlined.

How does this happen? A few ways you can choose to integrate Kristin or not….you are in charge and Kristin is your partner.

  • Kristin will introduce the speakers/presenters/panel. Each presenter deserves a high-powered, passionate introduction so that the audience will sit up and get excited about what they are about to hear. A professional introduction also gives the presenter the credibility they deserve.
  • Kristin will prepare the guest speakers beforehand to make sure they are integrating your theme, goals and vision for the event. Kristin is also available to help your guest speakers, presenters and senior management team members create livelier, more entertaining, content-rich presentations if needed. She has spoken to large audiences for years in her corporate career and ‘gets’ how to connect with an audience and keep their interest to the bitter end.
  • She will keep everything running smoothly and ON TIME. The best events are organized, punctual and respectful of the audience’s time. No one likes being late to lunch, breaks, dinner, or free time. It is critical to keep speakers on point, and avoid panels who go on and on or Q&A sessions that become redundant and boring. Kristin manages this like a polite drill sergeant with class….and will keep the entire audience engaged and the speakers ‘in line’.
  • Kristin can be your ‘one stop shop’ when it comes to dealing with divas, ‘Mr. Fancy Pants’ (as she refers to arrogant executives in her first book), and difficult situations. She has ‘been there, done that’ and what she has not faced herself, she has helped her clients face! There are few problems she hasn’t come across and helped to navigate. She is grace under pressure – and can help your team by offering objective, logical, and thoughtful problem resolution.

Published Material

Kristin’s first book – Is This Seat Taken?® Random Encounters That Change Your Life centers on her global experiences seeding her journey toward alignment. The book was released on 11/1/11 to national acclaim. Her second book in the series – Is This Seat Taken?® It’s Never too Late to Find the Right Seat, was released on 1/13/15 and has been endorsed by Marshall Goldsmith, Sean Covey, and Doug Parker, CEO of American Airlines, among others.

Based in Dallas, Texas, where DFW international airport is her mainstay, Kristin is open to speaking at any state-wide, national or global event.

Pricing and Booking Information

You can contact Kristin below or complete our contact form.

Kristin Kaufman, CLC, PCC
4606 Christopher Place
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 526-4944