New Year by the Numbers

As we enter into Month #2 for the 2017 new year, this is the time when our ‘new year’s goals’ often fall by the wayside. It can be really hard to break bad habits and embrace newer, more constructive ones. A few of my friends and I are holding one another accountable….and we are finding keeping it simply ‘by the numbers’ can help! So here are a few of our numbers…..and I hope they may inspire you, as well.

  1. 20 minutes twice a day. This is the new ritual I have embraced for Transcendental Meditation. I have mediated for at least 25 years, yet, never with the TM approach. It has helped so much. It calms me AND energizes me – upon rising each morning and tucking into bed each night.
  2. 120 over 80. Yes – this is the all important health number of our blood pressure. Thanks to my TM practice and meditating – my BP averaged 119/70.
  3. 2. The number of times a week we need to do strength training. This can be weight lifting or Pilates or Yoga. Yet – all good for our bodies and our ‘peace of mind’.
  4. 6.5-8.5.The number of hours of sleep we need to get. This will keep us sharp, ready to learn, and ‘quick on our feet’.
  5. 10,000. Yes….this is how many steps we need to get a day to help maintain(or lose) weight AND reduce the risk of diabetes.
  6. 10. This is the number of minutes we need to practice deep breathing. This will oxygenize our bodies and minds….and yes, this will reduce stress and tension. And stress kills….this does not have to be in the form of a heart attack….it can be cumulative over time and damage our cells and body.
  7. 10%. The amount of money, at a minimum, we need to be putting into our retirement account. And if you work for a company that matches you – by all means take full advantage of that benefit.
  8. 30. If we can allocate 30 minutes a day for personal development  – studies show that our happiness quotient increases. This time is dedicated to self-improvement. Whether this is journaling, listening to ‘self-help’ tapes in the car on the way to work, or just taking a walk to clear the cobwebs….it is time well spent.
  9. 600. We need to be sure to get a minimum of 600 IU of Vitamin D a day. With all the focus on skin cancer and the increased use of sunscreen….most of us are deficient in Vitamin D. And yes – that does matter. It can cause cognitive decline (according to a new study by Duke University Medical School).
  10. 150. As we get older, we still need to stay active. This is the number of minutes of weekly cardio we need to do. Or – on average no less than 30 minutes day.

Most of us are border line workaholics….let’s face it! So, these numbers will help us focus on a more ‘aligned’ life….after all….for what are we working so hard if not to enjoy our lives?!

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