What People Are Saying

“It’s a book of can’t-sto-reading-it small stories, full of old secrets retold in ways that move you. It just may change how you view random encounters. And not just for business types, lots here for youngsters.”

“The beauty of this book is that all of us have met people along the way that have made an imp ace on our lives. Therefore regardless of your age or your lifestyle, you are sure to enjoy and benefit form this enjoyable read!”

“Readers will enjoy the insight and guidance this book offers. Kaufman brings together powerful stories about real people and situations you will not forget – and then leads you through questions that inspire reflection and action about who you are and how you make decisions in everyday moments of life.”

“It had me laughing and crying throughout many of the stories. In addition to being emotional, the stories hit home on many different fronts. I enjoyed how the author encapsulated her stories in summary form and provides questions to help the reader think through how her stories relate to the reader’s life. Neither my wife nor I could put the book down!”

“‘Is This Seat Taken?’ takes those everyday, sometimes minutes-long experiences and shows us how impactful they can really be – IF we’re open to them. I love books that capture me but don’t require a month for me to get through. This is one of those finds! Brief enough to enjoy again for that possible extra lesson you didn’t find the first time.”

“You will not look at a coworker, boss or cab driver the same again. We have all ‘judged a book by its cover’ and missed the opportunities to understand someone else’s circumstance and see life from their perspective.”

“It is heartwarming and inspirational while providing solid ideas for personal and professional growth. I have been reading some of the chapters to our children and they love them!”

“The seemingly casual stories are packed with chances for self-reflection. An excellent gift for a young professional starting the precarious balancing act of a career and a life or a senior worker looking back further than ahead to decide what to do with what my remain of their time to participate in the world.”

“Kristin’s book shows that being present in the moment can enrich your life and give you pause to reflect about what is important to you both personally and professionally.”

“If everyone saw the world and the people we meet as Kristin Kaufman does, we’d all be richer for it. This book is an engaging and insightful read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“Each of the chapters featured a ‘lesson’ that challenged my perspective and focused my attention on the deeper issues beyond working my way down a to-do list. I like to be reminded to live my life with intent, not by default, and this book did that perfectly.”

“You will take inspiration from the wisdom she shares about allowing randomness (some would say Karma) into your life. Instead of being upset by the airplane which is delayed – to find the positive! The same philosophy which creates the inspiration also creates an education for any business person.”

“It is an education in customer service; the art of dealing with people. The skills of interpersonal communication and customer service are two we fear to be ‘going out of style,’ because of technological advancement. Kristen shows how to vogue these skills really are, how to effectively use them in business and in life!”

“This is a must read for any business owner, sales person, team leader and parent!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Is This Seat Taken?’ and getting to know Kristin through her stories. She gives power and importance to everyday encounters. It’s true: You never know who you may be sitting next to.”

“From Kristin’s guidance, I’ve learned it’s important to live each day in the moment and not worry about what’s behind or ahead of me. Kristin is just as much a treasure in her first book as she is in person.”