A Turn-Key Entrepreneurial Extension to Alignment, Inc.®



An Aligned Business

In many ways, we are all very similar. Most of us work hard, have had good paying jobs, and exciting careers. Yet, many of us, in our prior corporate arenas or consulting jobs, regardless of our income, are working long hours, around some else’s schedule and demanding set of expectations. And, we get paid for the work we deliver….one time for each separate set of deliverables.

Thus, this is why a portfolio career anchored in an approach to build residual income was so attractive to me. Fortunately, I was introduced to an opportunity to augment my Alignment, Inc.® revenue stream, leverage a global brand, and all the associated resources of a multi-million dollar global corporation. The union of this network marketing business AND my Alignment, Inc.® business is in a word: ALIGNED.

Initially, I was a bit skeptical. I had no experience with this kind of network marketing business, and I had heard all the horror stories. Yet, I have embraced this business with both hands, and the income I am experiencing has catapulted the creation of my ideal residual retirement income. And, more importantly for me, it has provided a vehicle for me to offer other enterprising men and women who desire freedom, both financial and flexible, to create the aligned lifestyle they want.

What is my rationale?

First, I believe in the business model and the patented skin care products and solutions I represent. By building an alternative business, it enables me to offer entrepreneurship as a vehicle for personal alignment, individual growth, and financial independence.

Secondly, these offerings complement my philosophy of alignment and the quest of becoming comfortable in your own skin – as a business executive, leader, or simply as an individual intent on being healthy. We achieve alignment and feeling good about ourselves both from the inside-out and the outside-in.

And third, this unique, perfectly timed opportunity offers the ability to create additional residual income to augment, extend and diversify the revenue streams from our businesses. I believe in managing my stocks and investment in a portfolio fashion; and the same is true in the new world of business. A portfolio career is the new business model and one which I wholeheartedly embrace.
My intention is to create a residual 7-figure income, enable freedom of time to continue writing and speaking, and continue to travel the globe combining fun experiences while growing all my businesses….and all this is 100% tax deductible.
And again, while the residual income is incredible, what truly aligns with my life’s purpose is the ability to help others create the life of their dreams, too. I can do this through my Alignment, Inc.® business as well as through my rapidly growing network marketing business. It just doesn’t get much better than this! Providing the opportunity for alignment to other men and women, through this business, is a perfect extension to my life’s calling.

If you have ever thought about owning your own business, this may be of interest to you. I know, only too well, that starting a business can seem intimidating and even daunting. The thought conjures up the old approaches of start-up capital, office or retail space, technology infrastructure, and numerous other complex details. Yet, that is what makes an approach like this so attractive. We call this “turn-key entrepreneurship”. This gives us the “business in a box” approach to build a business quickly with the myriad of details ironed out for you.
Building my two businesses from home has completely transformed and aligned my life. And I am not alone. Every day, more than 400 U.S. women start their own companies — twice the rate of men. It is my vision to help as many men and women find alignment between their personal and professional lives. This approach is just one way to help facilitate that alignment. One thing I know for sure, to paraphrase Oprah, is this: creating your own business is one way to create the lifestyle freedom so many of us desire.

I believe so strongly in this philosophy that I included a story in my second book, Is This Seat Taken?® It’s Never Too Late to Find the Right Seat, about a woman who late in life (age 62) started a career with this company and built a seven figure residual business in just 5 years.

If you have any interest at all in what I do (turn-key entrepreneurship or the anti-aging market), I would love to visit with you. We can explore new career outlets, design a professional life which fits around the “rest” of your life and existing personal/professional responsibilities, and provide a lucrative additional revenue stream. In fact, many have found that this “Plan B” may indeed become “Plan A.” Numerous consultants have built significant six figure residual MONTHLY incomes through this approach – who wouldn’t enjoy that extra revenue stream while contributing to others’ health and wellness, and becoming aligned and comfortable in their own skin? If you are curious, or simply want to explore further, I would love to visit!