Our Approach

In my experience, alignment isn’t just a good intention, but a very powerful means to drive success.


Our thinking is simple and to the point

At Alignment, Inc.® we don’t like to pigeonhole our service offerings as we believe each company and each individual need is unique to the given situation. In my experience, alignment isn’t just a good intention, but a very powerful means to drive success.

  • We work with you … are your strengths being optimized? Are you heading in the direction you want? What is holding you back?
  • We work with your teams and the overall organization … are the various divisions fractured and operating in silos or are they moving together like a well-oiled machine?
  • We work with your senior leadership … do they clearly and consistently understand and espouse your organizational goals? Do they know and understand the strategic direction and intent of the CEO and Board? Do they live the values of the company?
  • We work with your channel and alliance partners and the overall go-to-market approach … what do you expect and what are you prepared to invest into the effort with your extended channel? Are the partners you currently have the right fit for your team? Do you share the same ‘principals of partnership’? How do you jointly measure success? Are you jointly targeting the right high-impact and high-return markets?
  • These are some pretty big questions and that’s where many business leaders stumble — looking for the big answers to the big questions.

Here’s the first secret to Alignment — big questions usually breakdown to small answers. Exponential change starts with the individual. Using various tools and techniques, We work to help individuals achieve alignment to their core strengths AND desires. And what makes us different, is that we anchor our approach with real world, first hand senior leadership business experience.

Our steps are fairly basic…the distinction is how they are delivered:

  • First is to learn about you.
  • The second begins the collaboration relationship.
  • The third is actually the easiest of the three; this is where a fully customized action plan is designed, proposed, and then, we jointly work to execute against this plan.

Ongoing we work with you to monitor progress, hold you and your teams accountable for progress, modify execution and continue to work full circle through the alignment process.