The Importance of Cultural Fit

Have you ever joined an organization – personally or professionally – and realized after a short time, that you just don’t ‘fit in’? Or have you ever joined a company – loved it and the culture – only to have the culture shift so much over time that is it hardly recognizable and it does … Continue Reading

Office Politics are Real – 6 Tips to Consider

In working with high level clients in Fortune 50 companies to rapidly growing venture-backed companies, it is truth that ‘office politics’ are no myth. They are painfully real and pervasive. In its worst form, I compare office politics to the mean girls from junior high school…..fed by jealousy, insecurity, and competitiveness. And yes, those mean … Continue Reading

How do I learn to say ‘no’…..and still get to a ‘yes’?!!

Many of you shared with me the paradox you face when trying to say no (when you may actually want to say yes); however, due to resource constraints and other pressing priorities, the answer, at least at that point in time, must be ‘no’. So, how do we do this AND preserve relationships, keep a project … Continue Reading

Leadership isn’t just about Title or Rank….or is it?!

Most of us have experienced the feeling of being ‘passed over’ for a promotion or caught in the crosshairs of an organizational restructuring. The feeling of being ‘demoted’ can be demoralizing – whether it is real or imagined. And to make matters worse, often individuals buy into the myth that if they do not attain … Continue Reading

Five Tips to Navigate and Benefit from Change

The only constant is change. Change and progress are inevitable. Change is vital and necessary. Yes, all these statements are true. Yet, this does not make dealing with the disruption, the ambiguity, the fear, and the concern of how change will effect each of us, easy. Let’s face it – change can be scary, unsettling, … Continue Reading

Alignment – the Ultimate Key to Success

When I formed Alignment, Inc. almost 10 years ago, the word (and concept) of ‘alignment’ were, for the most part, reserved for body shops and chiropractors! Yet, successful leaders and my senior leader/CEO friends LOVED the concept as they said THAT is what distinguishes successful leaders, organizations, cultures, and strategies. Of course, I could not … Continue Reading

The Splintered Team…..3 Steps to Improve

TEAMWORK. Most of us know that true teamwork is the key that unlocks not only the collective potential – yet the individual potential as well. In my business experience, every successful team I was on – or that I led – was 100% attributable to the folks with whom I worked. Period. The rising tide truly …

The Ultimate Team Culture

Recently, I have been engaged with a few organizations and teams who are struggling to build good working environments. We have all heard the adage ‘team work makes the dream work’ and this most certainly is true. Most of us have been members of teams and organizations that were, in a word, dysfunctional. No one was happy. …

Where has all the Trust gone?

I can assure you, each person reading this has most certainly experienced a broken relationship due to the break down of trust. This breakdown could be in the form of a spouse cheating on them or a colleague using information (which you developed or found) as if it were their own with no accreditation to you. It could be someone outright stealing a concept from a keynote or workshop, and using it as if it were their own. Or it could be a so-called friend or colleague saying one thing to your face and calling you a 'friend' only to have them back-stabbing you with unflattering commentary or falsehoods behind your back. Let's face it, trust is so integral to our relationships that we often take it for granted; yet in an era marked by business scandals and a desire for accountability - we clearly need to nurture trust in our professional and personal lives. Where in the world has all the trust gone? And what do we do about it?

How to Hook ‘Em

As many may know, ABC has a real hit on its hands with The Shark Tank! The stars are a ruthless, shrewd collection of diverse, self-made millionaires who judge, qualify, and either select or 'de-select' budding entrepreneurs for further investment. If you haven't watched it, you will either love it or hate it. Recently, there was an episode focusing on how to capture the sharks attention AND close the deal.....interesting. This blog offers my two cents.....