What’s Next? Questions to Ask to Create the BEST 2016

As we end 2015, I believe in order to keep growing, developing, evolving, and making our lives the BEST lives we can – we need to assess where we have been AND more importantly envision where we want to go and how we wish to contribute. Envisioning ourselves as if we were there – creating that … Continue Reading

Is It Too Late?!!

As we all know, life is a series of ups and downs. Many of my clients and associates have lamented to me that they think it is ‘too late’ to create the life they always wanted. They believe they are ‘late’ to get married or ‘late’ to an opportunity or ‘late’ to accumulate the wealth...

The Reality of Mean Girls

Who has not been the recipient of mean girl behavior? And as for my male followers, I can assure you that your wife and your daughters have been victims at least once in their lives….odds are many more times than just once. And yes, these mean girls do grow up and become mean women. I have been the punching bag more than once, and the meanest experience I ever had in my life happened just a few years ago. There is so much we can learn from these experiences AND so much we can teach....

Resiliency and Grit…. Spring is indeed here

We have had such a tumultuous winter in many parts of the world. Ice, snow, power outages.....and they often hit at the most inopportune times. For example, my 2nd book launch and associated signing fell on the same day as Dallas was to get a few inches of traffic-stopping ice! It did not actually happen, yet many succumbed to the 'fear' of its potential. AND still others.......

Today is The Day….To Find Your Seat!

I dare say, there is not a single person who at least once in his or her life has not faced an unexpected situation, a newfound reality, a daunting challenge, or veiled opportunity and not wondered what to do. You may feel that you have made poor choices, that your opportunities have passed you by, or that you're playing musical chairs, the music has stopped, and all the seats are taken.

How to Gear up for the Best 2015 Possible…..NOW

As many of us know. the first step to 'upping your game' is to honestly assess where you are today AND where you want to be tomorrow! Thus, as we end 2014, now is the time to take a hard look in the mirror and determine if 2014 was all and more than you wanted it to be.....or if there is still room for growth and improvement.

For what are you grateful?

On this Veteran's Day and month of Thanksgiving, I thought it was only fitting to ask the poignant question: For what are you grateful? I, for one, believe that by deliberately cultivating gratitude, we can increase our well-being and happiness. Some are obvious, others are not.

Perspective is Powerful

This past week I took Lulu (my precious rescue schnauzer) to our family lake house in Arkansas. This particular year, I decided to reach out to a few old friends to reconnect. What I learned from these women, and from this beautiful exchange, was worth writing about and sharing with you...as it does apply to life and to business.

Where has all the Trust gone?

I can assure you, each person reading this has most certainly experienced a broken relationship due to the break down of trust. This breakdown could be in the form of a spouse cheating on them or a colleague using information (which you developed or found) as if it were their own with no accreditation to you. It could be someone outright stealing a concept from a keynote or workshop, and using it as if it were their own. Or it could be a so-called friend or colleague saying one thing to your face and calling you a 'friend' only to have them back-stabbing you with unflattering commentary or falsehoods behind your back. Let's face it, trust is so integral to our relationships that we often take it for granted; yet in an era marked by business scandals and a desire for accountability - we clearly need to nurture trust in our professional and personal lives. Where in the world has all the trust gone? And what do we do about it?