This Time Last Year

This year has been in a word: surreal. Everyone who is reading this will certainly experience times like this; yet, nonetheless, it is not easy. This time last year – life was so very different than it is today. So many things have changed – forever. Most of my followers know that my daddy passed … Continue Reading

What Mask are you Wearing?

There has been so much talk over the past few years about being authentic, being vulnerable, and letting folks see and experience the ‘real you’. As most of the followers of this blog will attest, I am an ardent believer in authentic and vulnerable leadership…..not to mention embracing this approach in life, in general. Just … Continue Reading

9 Non-Negotiable Leadership Traits

Recently, I have been working with a number of individuals new to leadership. It has been fascinating to watch the behaviors they believe demonstrate leadership. It is alarming and unsettling – and their teams are equally curious about how they should respond to their approaches. Though there have been thousands of articles, books, and blogs … Continue Reading

Three Realities to Consider

Recently I was visiting with a group of smart, thoughtful, and ‘well plugged in’ women. Our conversation was both compelling and humbling. The stats of this group: with only one exception, we all work full time. Some are under the age of 40, some are over the age of 50, and one is hovering at … Continue Reading

5 Truths Relative to Feedback

Recently, I have engaged in several 360 narrative feedback processes for executives as the initial foundation for our ongoing leadership coaching engagements. The feedback process is never easy. Yet, what I know for sure, is that good leaders want to grow AND part of the growth process is taking a hard look in the mirror … Continue Reading

8 Tips to Fully Optimize the ‘new’ YOU Economy

Quite often I am asked what it is that I like most about being an entrepreneur and a portfolio business owner AND why I chose this path when my corporate career was successful and had a very bright trajectory. Well, the reasons are varied. Yet, in a nutshell, I embrace three truisms, in particular, which … Continue Reading

What are the Distinctions between Leading and Managing?

There have been literally hundreds of articles written about the distinctions between being a LEADER and being a MANAGER. My intention in weighing in on this discussion is to dispel the myth that one is better than the other AND that the need for BOTH skill sets is ever present….more now than ever before. There … Continue Reading

4 Ways to Learn, Grow, and Protect Ourselves from Toxic People

I venture to say, that there are few people in the world who have not been exposed or perhaps even victimized, by toxic people. These individuals may be wolves in sheep’s clothing, or ‘devout spiritual followers’ sitting in pious judgment supposedly supported by their religion, or passive aggressive individuals with deep demons which manifest in … Continue Reading

The “YOU” Economy – What and How to Join? 3 Provocative Thoughts

There have been many articles written about the ‘new world order’ and the new ‘you’ economy. We can muse about how this has come to be, and why it is now becoming the pervasive business model. Jobs being moved overseas, companies looking for a ‘better way’ to take their products to market, an aging workforce, and … Continue Reading

5 Tips to Strengthen our “Mind Over Matter” Muscle

We have all heard the adage ‘mind over matter’. In fact, this was a staple on which I was reared. When a final exam or a sports ‘try-out’ or any other challenge presented itself when we were growing up – one of the first things my parents offered as advice was ‘mind over matter’. This … Continue Reading