4 Ways to Harness the ‘X’ Factor in Business

2 responses to “4 Ways to Harness the ‘X’ Factor in Business

  1. Compelling topic and well articulated! I think if I were to add one more it would be courage. I find employees today are more risk averse given what is going on around them. They become pleasers as opposed to boat rockers and because of this they find themselves acting out of alignment. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and by the way, loved the blog!

  2. Thank you, Ellen Z, for your comments. And yes, I do believe many employees are more risk adverse which is driven by their fear of being riffed or laid off. And yes, they are not being true to themselves – which is not a sustainable position. Alignment is all about LOVING what you do, being GOOD at it, and having this tied to something greater than yourself. If any 1 of those 3 legs is not present – or not stable – we are not at our optimum…..my two cents.

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