10 Things to Give up to Move Forward

Recently, I stumbled across a salient list of the ‘Top 10 things to give up in order to move forward’. Marc is the person responsible for this excellent list – which resonated with me as many of his points I addressed in my first book, and in prior blogs. I believe they will hit home – as we have all had these thoughts at one point or another. I know I have!!

1. Letting the opinions of others control our life.  It is what YOU think that matters!

2. The shame of past failures. The past does not dictate our future..what matters is what we do RIGHT NOW.

3. Being indecisive about what we want. Decide and declare what you want. Start with the end in mind. Indecision is crippling.

4. Procrastinating on the goals that matter. There are 2 choices: accept conditions as they exist or change them. As we have talked about before: all we control are our ABC’s – our attitude, our behaviors, and our choices.

5. Choosing to do nothing. Enough said.

6. Your need to be right. Go for it…yet we need to let go of having all the answers. No one does and no one ever will. We are here to learn and to teach.

7. Running from problems which need to be fixed. Look the tiger in the eye – power originates from courage.

8. Making excuses rather than decisions. It is a time waster and delays the inevitable. Take a stand and move forward; we can always change directions.

9. Overlooking the positive points in our lives. The half-empty, half-full analogy comes to mind – as what we see is based entirely on what we are looking for. Somehow, we need to learn to be grateful for what we have in our lives.

10. Not appreciating the present moment. I wrote a book on the random encounters that change our lives – which we often miss because we are not present in the moment. At the end of the day, it is really all we have – and the most precious times in our lives are made up of the chance encounters and little things.

Wow – what a list! I wonder what our amazing potential could be if we could embrace each and every one of these?

10 responses to “10 Things to Give up to Move Forward

  1. Kristin – it is uncanny how you seem to always capture something that is relevant for those everyday issues affecting all leaders. Thank you for all your wonderful work.

  2. Kristin – you amaze me. Your Alignment Blog is a contact source of sage education, sound advice, and solid solutions for my life. Thank you for sharing this list – it is just what I needed. I will read and re-read it. Thank you for your book. I picked it up and read parts of it again this weekend. I am so encouraged by you – and through your writings I am propelled to make every encounter matter. You are a rare gem!!

  3. Hi Kristin,

    I found this list right on time! You named some specific things that I found very relatable and relevant. Items I needed to hear and bring some re-focus to.

    Thank You!

  4. Kristen,

    I recently heard you speak at the Comerica Women’s luncheon in Houston. Your list of “10 Things to Give Up to Move Forward” couldn’t have come at a better time. My 25 year old son is stuck in life and all the things you’ve said here are SO what he needs to hear. He has started addressing some of the points you’ve made but it helps to see in black and white what I’ve been trying to tell him. I couldn’t agree more that these issues keep us from moving forward in our lives. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Kristin,

    I’m not sure how I first came across you blog, but I am pleased that I did. You continue to inspire me with your common sense focus. Many of us who have been in business a long time know these things but often get hung up in the day to day hassles and forget. It is another example of not being in the moment.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us that we can pass along to those around us, whether in the business setting or family.



  6. Thanks to a higher power that had you stumble upon this list, just in time to share it before the holiday season. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  7. Thanks to a higher power that had you stumble upon this list and share it, just in time for the holidays. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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